The First Week

As expected, the first week of working for yourself kinda feels like a holiday…particularly  if you’re immediately going from a full-time salaried job to working for yourself…

So, like you do during a holiday week, you catch up on everything you’ve been meaning to.

It’s been a week of email writing, meetings, editing, phone calls…on the flip side, it’s also been a week of shopping, household chores, and, personal things, too! It’s been a week of thinking, planning things out, and, just getting some well-earned head space!

Overall, it’s been a chilled enough first week to propel me into the next week, ready for a full-on list of jobs that are to be done from Monday to Thursday…

But until then, I intend to enjoy the weekend: to chill some more, to eat some more, and to come back in a couple of days for the busier sequel of this week.

I’ll be off to see Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange’ as well…so, whatever you’re doing with yourselves this weekend, have a lovely time doing it, and, I’ll see you in a bit! 🙂

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