Alone Together

Alone Together (feature film)

Project Status:

Seeking Finance & Crew

Script Length: 118-pages


In the near future, two strangers face a battle of survival through the final hours of pre-apocalyptic England during its fight against the New World Order… (action/thriller/drama)

The Story So Far…

Alone Together was first written in 2007. Five years later, in 2012, a second revision of the script was made. And, in 2020, Alone Together was given a third revision, due to the significance of the scare caused by the China virus.

Production Notes:

  • The original 2007 script features a story that begins at the height of a UK lockdown, with the country isolated from the rest of the world due to a fake virus pandemic. The inspiration behind this story came when writer/director Shaun Troke heard a radio announcement about more & more UK troops being shipped to foreign countries, to fight in more wars, prompting Shaun to worringly question what would happen if the UK exhausted all its military aid.
  • In 2012, the script received minor revisions, with the aim to raise funding for this project. Along with these revisions, two marketing videos were made to help raise interest in the project (see below).
  • When the UK Government enforced a nationwide lockdown in March 2020, real-life began immitating the backdrop of the fictional Alone Together story. Further to this, the social media hashtag #AloneTogether began to be used around the country. Realising the relevance of the important message in his film, and, after another month of new research, writer/director finished a third revision of Alone Together in September 2020.

Marketing Videos (from 2012):

Production Plan:

The current aim is to produce Alone Together as a non-profit film, to be released (online) to the public for free, in order to help spread information about events now playing out around the world today. With this intention, the project isn’t seeking finance to pay salaries – the project is only seeking financial help to make sure those working for free are not ‘out of pocket’, and, to make sure the production can at least cover the important expenditures that are unavailable for free, which are:

  • Set Design/Building (1x Set)
  • Props & Weaponry
  • Costumes
  • Make-Up
  • Food
  • VFX

If you’re interested in being part of this project, please contact with further information about how you wish to help.


Writer/Producer/Director – Shaun Troke (

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