And so it begins…

 As one chapter ends, another one starts…

And, I’m incredibly excited about this new chapter!

The old chapter (let’s call it ‘The Lost Chapter’) leading up to this exciting new one began in the summer of 2009…surviving a severe physical assault, which rendered me having therapy for 6 months, I wasn’t looking to take on too much responsibility in my working life…

Learning how to walk, talk, read & write again at the age of 31, well, that was already enough responsibility to deal with!

I was determined to get myself back on track gradually, but at a very slow pace. I knew one day I’d be back making films again, yet I’d be happy to wait a year or two for this to happen…

But, you know how it is: when you’re offered the chance to direct a feature film in another country, it’s kinda hard to say “no”. And so, after being under medical watch for 6 months I ended up directing 2 feature films back-to-back.

Once these responsible jobs were over, I was still seeking ‘me’ time: time to really think about what it was that I wanted to do next, in terms of work.

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So, in September 2011, I took myself travelling around the world for 6 months, before returning to the UK, in what became a 18 month mission to find another city to relocate to, to find a base to begin the next new chapter of my life.

The mission included a 2 month tour of the UK, visiting all of its major cities, from Edinburgh to Bristol, to Manchester to Nottingham…I saw a lot of the UK!

And, the winning cities? It was a tie between Liverpool & Newcastle, with Liverpool finally being the city where I’d spend the final three and a half years of The Lost Chapter.

Two years of this was spent working for local TV channel, ‘Bay TV Liverpool’, which allowed me my first experience behind the camera within the TV industry. Hired as a Producer (a Producer who filmed & edited as well), it was often an enjoyable experience, and, a good way to get back in the creative game on a daily basis…

They even gave me my own TV show!

I had a lot of fun with that!

But, as they say, all good things come to an end…and, in October of this year, I decided it was finally time to make things BETTER!

With this new TV experience with me, I now felt ready to once again head in the direction that I wanted to…

To work for myself again.

To make my own film projects.

To make my own TV projects.

To help others with their own projects.

Today, as I sit on my couch and write this, my head is full of plans and ideas, while dealing with the joy of newly found freedom & the stress of financial fear at the same time, I know that the future is now back in my own hands; the quality of my next chapter fully depends on me…

Through determination, persistence, and, passion…

This will be The Best Chapter.


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