Welcome to Shaunywa Films!

Wide Shot 2 (Shaun Troke)

I’m Shaun, and the ‘ywa‘ part comes from a childhood name created when my baby brother couldn’t pronounce the word ‘Shaun‘, and instead, the word “Wa” came out his mouth. Thus, the nickname Shaunywa (Shorn-E-Wah) was born.

Shaunywa Films Ltd, however, was born in 2002.

According to Wikipedia, I’m a Director & Actor, but over the years, I’ve worked as a Jack Of All Trades, from writer to producer to editor…I’ve even had my own TV Chat Show!

Filmmaking has been a childhood dream, and, all through the years up, until the age of 18, there was always some kind of creative outlet occurring in my life. It was only in 2002 when I decided to pursue filmmaking properly, making short films, travel videos, corporate videos, music videos…anything I could do to gain more experience and hone the craft of storytelling.

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Between 2005 and 2010, I was able to add 3 feature-film directing credits to an evergrowing CV.  This was followed by a move to the North West of England, where I was hired as a Producer/All-Rounder for local TV company Bay TV Liverpool, to create programmes on a weekly basis. And, in 2018, I founded the subsidiary company The Travel Tab, which focuses on visual content from all over the world, starting with a six-part TV series, Going Solo.

Which brings you up to present day!

So, what is Shaunywa Films TODAY?

Today, my company is a reflection of one of my skills: Versatility. Meaning that I’m open to projects of any kind, providing I know I can do it.

And, do it well.

With no media BS attached.

I want to make good films with you AND for you!

Whether it be TV & Film projects or Promotional/Corporate/Online projects, Shaunywa Films wants to form strong working relationships with individuals & businesses looking for strong narrative through the medium of visual storytelling.

Want to know more about what we do? Just visit our Services page.

Or, if you’re like me and would prefer to talk work over a coffee & chat, go straight to the contact page, or just drop me an email.

Thanks for reading, and, I hope to hear from you soon!

Shaun Troke