untold (feature film)


Script Length: 113-pages


An under-appreciated journalist & her boyfriend investigate the truth behind a mysterious online video featuring the deaths & disappearances of four UK residents…but, not everything in the video is as it appears

Tagline: Know The Truth

The story so far…

Since March 2017, this project has spent three years in development, with the final draft completed in April 2020. There have been three different storylines for UNTOLD, with the third version being what will now be made.

Production Notes:

  • This film is set 10 years after our first feature-film, UNTITLED
  • UNTOLD will not be a found-footage film
  • It will be a drama/thriller/mystery film
  • Half of the film is set in England; The other half set in Wales
  • The promotional video sets up the theme of UNTOLD
  • A few faces from the promotional video are likely to return in UNTOLD


Writer/Director – Shaun Troke (https://www.imdb.com/name/nm2408844/)

Story Consultant – Steve Jarrett

For further information about helping finance or being involved in this project, please contact shaun@shaunywafilms.com

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