Today, we launch THE TRAVEL TAB!

 As of now, all content for The Travel Tab will be featured on its own website:

The idea to separate both Shaunywa Films & The Travel Tab came during a trip to New York City in June 2017. For the six months after that, what followed was the development stage of the idea, with the final plan put into action in January 2018, to make sure it was ready for a Thursday 22nd February launch date…

I’m somewhat very pleased that I didn’t have to set back the date (though, it was a very manic two months leading up to this date!)

So, The Travel Tab will be, in its own words:

Your hub of luxury/budget travel information from experienced travellers“.

The story behind The Travel Tab can be told in a quote (from myself) found on the homepage:

 “These days, with travel blogs & websites aplenty, I’ve often found that searching for required travel information can lead you on a scattered hunt all over the world-wide-web. So, with 24 countries and 18 years of travel experience under my belt, I wanted to help assist the traveller, by gathering & bringing the best & most useful luxury/budget travel information to one place: The Travel Tab”.

The reason for bringing a selection of writers to The Travel Tab is because, in an age when everyone is calling themselves a blogger (even those with the worst grammar!), I wanted to create that one resourceful website, housing combined input from hardened travellers, that will ultimately provide a more helpful path for the new & young traveller…I’m hoping that readers will trust my judgement for what should be written or added to The Travel Tab, that will give them the best knowledge, to travel luxuriously on a modest budget.

I began “blogging” way before it was even called “blogging” (when it was referred to as just writing a Travel Journal), and, having scoped-out the competition during that recent six month development period, it became apparent that many good writers & many seasoned travellers are being overshadowed by a) those who buy their Instagram followers, and b) those who have successful blogs just because they’re very pretty…today, the word “blogger” is being thrown around like chlamydia in Magaluf!

Which is why I’m hoping that The Travel Tab will open a new door to new talented writers & travellers, as a platform to share their work & experiences, and to bring them out of the shadows…

So, if you’re a traveller and/or a writer, and the idea of being a Guest Writer for The Travel Tab interests you, drop me a line at and let me know what you can bring to the site!

Finally, I’d like to say a huge thank you to those who have followed & read The Travel Tab blogs during its time on, and, I do hope that you continue to follow & subscribe with us on our new site, too.

I’ll see you on the other side!

Happy Travels!

Shaun Troke

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