2x Feature-Film Projects


Shaunywa Films aims to produce two ambitious feature-film projects.

These two films – untold and The Visiting Hour – are character-driven drama/thrillers with minimal cast & minimal (yet tricky) UK locations. Please follow these two links for more information about each individual film: untold and The Visiting Hour.


While film production is a high risk investment, our company still aims to follow a strict plan to obtain distribution, in order to see a ROI to the investor(s). Further business information is available upon request (please email shaun@shaunywafilms.com for details).


These two feature-film projects are not bound to a region). Both films require city & countryside locations, so crew could potentially be located in/near Wales, too (due to some locations being featured in this area).

While there is currently no financing behind the two projects, this momentarily means there is only unpaid work available at present (no budget, no pay). Which is why, at this stage, we are highly seeking

  • Executive Producer(s) / Co-Producer(s) – preferably with experience in:
    • Raising finance for films that stand outside the usually strict criteria set by some national funding organisations (such as the BFI, Creative England, etc)
    • Managing feature-films with no/low-budgets

We are also very interested in hearing from those who are skilled in other creative fields, so do let us know what you might be able to bring to the table – but, please remember that these two feature-film projects are currently in an unpaid stage: All crew would be issued a deferred payment contract, should the voluntary work need to continue until both projects are completed.

Ideally, it is preferred that all crew would have a drivers license + own form of transport, for convenience & to avoid any inflating travel costs.

Should you have any further questions (and I’m sure you do!), please don’t hesitate to ask.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks for reading!

Shaun Troke (shaun@shaunywafilms.com)