Apocalypsis Apartments: Self-Catering Heaven

Review & Pictures by Shaun Troke Twice now, I’ve stayed at the Apocalypsis Apartments in Psakoudia, Halkidiki. The first time was in early March, prior to the start of Greece’s peak season; The second time was late September, at the end of Greece’s peak season… And, both times, this property served as the perfect base. … More Apocalypsis Apartments: Self-Catering Heaven

The Travel Tab: 2018

Our travel plans for 2018 began during an eventful summer of 2017.  My younger brother, Carl, was fighting cancer, and, from May to June last year, had to undergo two months of continuous radiotherapy. These daily radiotherapy sessions also meant that each week Carl was losing a large percentage of his work salary; every radiotherapy … More The Travel Tab: 2018